Real Tourism Experience is at Turistikrota

Turistikrota is a platform that allows you to have the best tourism experience around the world and share this experience with other people.

Best for everyone

While Turistikrota provides its customers with a real tourism experience, it also provides great convenience to its business partners.






Innovative Solution



Our Vision

Learn about the mission and vision of Turistikrota.


Our vision as Turistikrota is to provide innovative solutions in the tourism sector and ensure that people accumulate happy memories.


Our mission as Turistikrota is to ensure that people experience real tourism and share this experience with others.


Our values as Turistikrota are customer satisfaction, innovation, reliability, and quality.

Why Perfect?

While offering various opportunities to travel enthusiasts, Turistikrota also allows users to share their experiences.


Visitors on Turistikrota can interact with each other, share their travel experiences, and exchange information about travel-related topics.


Turistikrota offers advanced security measures to ensure the safety of travelers and hosts.


Turistikrota enables people from all over the world to interact with each other. Meet and travel with people from everywhere in the world.

Our Team

Turistikrota team consists of people who ensure the existence and sustainability of this entire site.

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Sami Salih İbrahimbaş

Founder & Software Developer

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Semih İnci

Content Manager

Our Modules

Explore Turistikrota by modules. Each module represents a different feature of Turistikrota.

Places Module

Provides tourist places with all their details. Tourist places include historical places, natural beauties, cities, towns, and more.

Accommodation Module

Provides accommodation options by location, date range, and price. Accommodation options include hotels, hostels, homes, campsites, and more.

Support Module

Allows you to get support for reservations made through Turistikrota or any problems encountered on Turistikrota. With this module, you can reach the Turistikrota support team.

Booking Module

Allows you to track and manage your bookings. You can view the details of your booking, track its status, cancel your booking, or edit your booking.

Business Module

Allows business owners to promote their businesses and manage their businesses. Business owners can promote their businesses on Turistikrota, get bookings for their businesses, and manage their businesses.

Account Module

Allows users to manage their Turistikrota accounts. Users can edit their Turistikrota accounts, request to delete their Turistikrota accounts, and delete their Turistikrota accounts.

Technology Module

Introduces the Turistikrota technology team. Our technology team is working on the development and sustainability of Turistikrota.

Under development

Payment Module

Allows you to make all payments you make through Turistikrota. You can view your past and current payments, manage your payment methods, and update your payment methods.

Under development

Social Module

Allows you to interact with other people on Turistikrota. Share something or see who your loved ones are traveling with.

Under development

Advertising Module

Allows businesses to advertise on Turistikrota and manage these ads. Business owners can advertise on Turistikrota and manage their ads.

Under development

Tour Module

Allows you to travel with other people. You can create a tour on Turistikrota or book a tour.

Under development

Ticket Module

We are going beyond tourism and also offering you cultural and artistic events. You can create an event on Turistikrota or buy a ticket for an event.